About Martin Club USA

The designs of Martin Club USA are synonymous with the rebellious streak of youth. In 2002, generation gaps were lowered and so were the waistlines. Martin Club USA introduced Low Rise jeans followed by Shreds’ jeans in 2004 for the first time ever in India. Bleached, brushed, ripped, torn and even ridden with bullets, Denims were moulded beyond imagination to give a whole new character to them.

Martin Club USA’s ‘Water Saver Jeans’ saved about 80 liters of water during the manufacturing of a pair of jeans! The eco-friendly collection shows that Martin Club USA isn’t a rebel without a cause. Today, KKCL has over 308 stores in 183 cities. The group has also won many awards over the years like IAA Olive Crown Awards 2013, India EFFIE Award & so on.

We believe that one could remove stubbornness from a man’s character, but not a rivet from a pair of Martin Club USA.